Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Working It Out

Since we started TTC, the husband and I have made good changes to our eating habits. Not that they were too bad before, but we have benefited from adding more fruits and vegetables into our meals, switching to whole grains instead of refined, cutting back on processed foods, and drinking more water (which I need to keep working on).

There's just one more little thing...

My body is in desperate need of exercise. Last year, I taught at a much larger school and had to climb three flights of stairs multiple times a day -- without air conditioning for most of May and June. It was not pleasant but my lower body looked awesome at the end of the semester! Then summer came and it all went to hell.

I swore I'd start working out in August, but it didn't happen. When I started teaching full time again in November, I got access to the school's weight room and swore I'd start then. It didn't happen. The new year...nope. In my own defense, I blame that last one on being really sick. The point is, something needs to change. I can't keep making excuses.

In terms of fitness goals, I don't necessarily want to lose weight, though I am currently 5-10 lbs over my ideal so that would be a bonus. Mostly, I would just like to get toned again. My muscles are lacking the definition they used to have and they're crying out for a good stretch.

My plan is to return to my old standby, yoga. I've been using this video (just The Joy of Yoga, not the other one) since high school and it's still my go-to workout. Every now and then, I throw this one into the mix for a more intense, longer set. In addition to the yoga, I'd like to try the Couch to 5K program. I've never been a big fan of running so it'll be a challenge, but I think that's a good thing. Ultimately, I'd love to be able to run a half marathon but for now, just the 5K will be a big accomplishment!

In the short term, I need to work on making time for this. The running is going to have to wait until the weather improves, but there's no excuse for skipping the yoga. So, my goal for now is to do yoga at least once by the end of this week. Just once. Baby steps, right?


  1. I find winter so hard! The rest of the year, it's easier to work it in with the longer days, warmer temps, etc.. What works for me is I found a couple really short but intense workouts to do at home. So, it only takes 20 minutes, but I'm definitely feeling/seeing a difference. I'm using the 30-day shred by Jillian Michaels - I just did Level 2 for the first time today and it totally kicked my ass! LOL!

    Good luck!

    1. That's what I love about The Joy of Yoga - it's only half an hour, but still satisfying. Is the 30 Day Shred worthwhile? I've had my eye on it but wasn't sure. Jillian Michaels scares me a little!

  2. I have the hardest time staying motivated in the winter. I think I am going to check out some of the videos you posted! Thanks for sharing! I am also interested to find out about the 30 day shred!