Sunday, October 6, 2013

A New Type of Waiting Game

They say that there is a magical time (also known as the Second Trimester) when the nausea goes away and energy returns. I am very eagerly anticipating this magical time because right now, I am a useless lump.

On Thursday, we had our viability scan with the RE. It didn't go exactly like I'd expected but the important thing is that all is well so far. We saw the yolk sac and fetal pole on the ultrasound, and a beautiful flickering heart beat. It still blows my mind that there's a little creature in there with a beating heart!

We didn't get a picture; Doctor P. said he doesn't give them out this early (I was 6w1d at the time) because everything is too small. We also didn't get any measurements. They prefer to just check to make sure that everything that should be there at this stage is there and wait until later on to start measuring. This seemed odd to me but it all went so fast I didn't have a chance to question it. I am supposed to go back in two weeks for another scan and at that time, they will do all of the measurements and give us pictures to keep. I thought I was supposed to be done with the clinic after the initial scan so this was a surprise, but I'm not going to complain about another opportunity to see our bean!

If I am done with the clinic after that 8 week scan, I'm not really sure what happens next. I've contacted the two midwife clinics in my city and am on the waiting list with both of them but it doesn't look good. The demand in my area is much higher than the supply and one of the clinics I spoke with already had 30 women waiting with May due dates. I will most likely be stuck with my GP until the time comes to refer me to an OB.

For the time being, we wait - for the next scan, for midwife call, for me to start feeling somewhat normal again. Turns out, that game doesn't end with a +HPT ;)


  1. glad everything looks great even though you felt a bit rushed. Yup - the next 8-ish months will be a waiting game :) Fingers crossed you get in with one of the midwife offices!

  2. so glad to hear the scan went well! We didn't have our first one til 7 weeks 1 day, but I guess that was late enough for them to measure & all that. So exciting that you got to see the heartbeat, it's so amazing!! Glad all is still going well, just under 6 more weeks til you'll hit that magic "2nd tri"! ;) Btw, for me the nausea didn't end until like 20 weeks, so it doesn't always go away when they say, but hopefully it will for you! Also I was going to mention, if your nausea is bad you should ask your dr. about taking B6 pills & unisom, it helped me SO much...literally saved my life! Okay not literally but pretty much, haha, I honestly don't know how I would've survived w/out it!