Monday, September 30, 2013

Of Nausea and Prunes

The good news is that I'm still pregnant, chugging along at 5w5d.

The bad news is that "occasional bouts of queasiness" has turned into full on morning sickness. For the last few days, right around lunch time, the nausea would start and stick around for a few hours. At first I assumed it was because I was hungry but eating didn't help. And this morning, I was actually sick to my stomach. That one snuck up on me; I wasn't even feeling nauseated until suddenly, I was overwhelmingly so. Also, stewed prunes have recently become part of a complete breakfast. Those go great with the nausea...NOT.

So, in the span of a week, I've gone from feeling mostly ok to feeling mostly like this (though considerably less cute):

But I am not complaining. I will take whatever crap I need to take as long as it means baby is staying.

(Seriously, though, stewed prunes are gross.)

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  1. aww, so happy to hear!! Not about the nausea mind you, haha, but I've been checking back every day to see how things are going with you, & I'm so glad to hear all is still well! :) Sorry about the nausea...mine started around 5 1/2 or 6 weeks too, & I definitely feel ya there, it can be pretty awful. :/ I've discovered pregnancy is one crazy symptom after another, but like you said, so worth it!

    Dude, stewed prunes sounds awfull! :/ Why eat those? haha.