Friday, March 8, 2013

TTC Friday: We Have Lift-off!

First of all, it's finally March Break! Hallelujah!

Second, get a load of this beauty:

That last portion makes me very happy. See those crosshairs? And the steadily rising temperatures? My body finally managed to get its act together and drop an egg a week ago, so all of the estrogen-related nonsense has disappeared. I'm still waiting but this time, there's a very clear end in sight. By next week's TTC Friday update, I'll know if this was our cycle or not.

The time right around ovulation and this first week afterward is my favourite part of this whole thing. This is the part that we have some control over and the part when I feel the most hopeful. It's too early for any symptoms (or lack thereof) to mean anything and anything is still possible.

In past cycles, I was really curious and desperate to know right away whether we were successful or not. This time, I've been pretty mellow about it. I think I've made my peace with the amount of time that's passed and the fact that it may take even more. I'm not expecting anything and I'm not testing early. I know that my temperature will start to drop at 12 DPO if I'm not pregnant and my period will show up either the next day or the one after that. This time, I'm going to trust the temps and wait it out. My husband has been this mellow from the beginning. He's always had the attitude that he'll get excited when he see those two pink lines. Until then, he's not going to worry about it. I think it's easier for him because it's not his body that's being put through the wringer. At least, not in the same way. But now, I think I get where he's coming from and I'm starting to lean that way too.

Next Wednesday, I have my pelvic ultrasound to check my left ovary. I'm curious and a bit worried about whether or not they'll be able to see anything since the pain is always before I ovulate. That will have been done with for almost two weeks by then. I'm afraid I'll end up back at square one but I'm trying not to think about that. We'll cross that bridge if/when we get there. I'm also curious if they'll be able to check the endometrium and tell me if it looks like an impending period or...not. I'd like to know about the thickness of the lining because of my super-light periods and the spotting I had this cycle. I'm wondering if it is shedding properly each time.

In any case, regardless of what next week brings, for right now, life is feeling pretty good.

[In case you are curious, the temps right now don't really tell me much one way or another. They are consistent with my pattern from previous cycles. Same with the CM. My symptoms are not, but I'm trying not to read too much into anything.]


  1. Woohoo!! I always loved the first week or so after confirming ovulation too - just relaxing knowing that you did all you could do, but too early to do anything else. I found as I got closer to 10DPO (earliest I'd test), I'd get more and more anxious. My fingers are crossed for you that this is your cycle...sometimes you can see the tri-phase temp pattern before it's late enough to test (that happened with Evan).

    1. FF told me that my temps during my first cycle of TTC were triphasic, so I'm not sure how much stock to put in that. I am really curious about tomorrow's temp, though, because I always have a dip at 8 or 9 dpo. If there's no dip, my mellow attitude may go right out the window!

  2. yay!! that's awesome, you must be so happy to see this! always awesome when your body decides to work properly! :) Fx that this is your cycle! ;) At least for now you can relax knowing you did all you can do!